Plusdial is world leader in public transport mobile ticketing since 2001

Please find below our references and the highlights of Plusdial’s track record:

2023 November: 360 Million tickets sold

2023 March: De Lijn, Belgium: 125 Million tickets sold through Plusdial Platform

2023 January: DOT service for Greater Copenhagen area launched.

2022 June: Din Offentlige Transport (DOT) contract awarded to Plusdial and its partners Siili Solutions Oyj and Mobill Scandinavia. The DOT contract is for next 4 + 4 years for providing SMS ticketing platform services for public transport travellers in the Greater Copenhagen area in Denmark.

2022 January: Plusdial has belonged to the strongest platinum companies in Finland since 2012. The Strongest in Finland Platinum certificate granted by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy is based on Plusdial’s excellent financial performance indicators, positive background information and good payment behaviour. Plusdial has obtained the high Rating Alfa credit classification in years 2012-2021.

The Strongest in Finland Platinum certificate is based on Suomen Asiakastieto Oy’s Rating Alfa classification and a company is allowed to use the certificate when it has belonged to the highest category of classification (AAA, AA+) at least for three years. Only a few percent of Finnish companies belongs to the highest AAA credit category.

2020 September: Rome, Italy: Parking service launched for ATAC.

2019 November: 300 Million tickets sold since the first service launch.

2019 March: De Lijn tender: 6 years’ mobile ticketing platform contract awarded to Plusdial.

2018 January: Helsinki mobile ticketing service’s monthly sales exceed 1 Million tickets.

2017 June: 200 Million mobile tickets sold.

2017 January: Plusdial succesfully passes the audit of its mobile ticketing service according to ISAE 3402 standard.

2017 January: Mobile congestion charge service launched in Milan, Italy. Customers of all major Italian telecoms can now conveniently pay congestion charges via SMS.

2016 June: Parking service launched in Padoa, Italy.

2016 May: Mobile ticketing launched in Naples, Italy. The whole Naples metro and bus network joins in to the service with SMS tickets including QR code links for validating tickets at underground gates.

2015 November: Helsinki mobile ticketing service expanded to 6 new cities with application for all smart phones.

2015 September: In Belgium De Lijn’s monthly sales exceed 1 Million tickets.

2015 March: Mobile ticketing launched in Milan, Italy. The whole ATM Milan network joins in to the service with SMS tickets including QR code links for validating tickets at underground gates.

2014 In December, Plusdial services cover 4 countries, 23 public transport clients, 85 cities, and 448 different ticket types.

2014 In Italy, mobile ticketing success continues and several new cities start mobile ticketing, including Brescia, Bari and Livorno.

2013 In Italy, several new cities launch mobile ticketing, including Genoa.

2012 100 Million mobile tickets sold.

2012 Service launched in Florence, Italy, in April, followed by Bari in December.

2011 Skånetrafiken in Sweden started to use Plusdial’s service. Credit card, debit card and monthly invoice payment options added to the service via integration to a third-party payment provider. Same payment options added to another Swedish service, Västtrafik, mediated by another payment provider.

2010 Some of the services integrated to web and mobile application based travel planners. Belgian service expands to cover all mobile operators and the whole Flanders area.

2010 40 Million mobile tickets sold.

2009 Two new public transport customers (X-Trafik and Hallandstrafiken) launched service in Sweden.

2009 February: 30 Million mobile tickets sold.

2008 Cooperation started with automatic validator supplier. 20 Million mobile tickets sold.

2007 Service launch in Flanders, Belgium with De Lijn.

2007 Service further expanding in Sweden (among them, Gothenburg area’s Västtrafik); altogether 15 cities are covered in Sweden, while 10 Million tickets sold in Helsinki.

2006 First five cities launched the service in Sweden.

2005 Road show to the markets outside Europe.

2004 Road show to the biggest cities in Europe.

2004 Over 4 Million mobile tickets sold; service is awarded “Prime Minister’s Best Practices” Grand Prix.

2003 Production contract with Helsinki City Transport.

2002 & 2003 & 2004 Service chosen as “The Best SMS service” in Finland.

2002 Mobile ticketing pilot started in trams and metro in Helsinki.

2001 Development project with Helsinki City Transport; First mobile ticket sold during the International Car Free Day in September

2000 Development of the idea.